Steel Plantech’s ironmaking equipment and facilities have the widespread backing of customers in Japan and overseas. The company’s extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies are highly recognized by many around the world.


Steel Plantech offers converter furnaces and other BOF steelmaking facilities and systems on the basis of its advanced technological competence and rich experience as a leading company in the field of steelmaking engineering and facilities supply. In particular, Steel Plantech’s OG System has a high reputation for its high level of safety and energy-saving performance, while reducing the load on the environment.


Electric furnaces are one of Steel Plantech’s core products that were succeeded from JFE Engineering (formerly NKK). The company’s wealth of experience as a user of such facilities allows us to offer not only electric furnaces and ancillary facilities but also a broad range of metallurgical and operational technologies.

Continuous Casting

Steel Plantech’s continuous casting facilities are the result of bringing together 50 years of metallurgical knowledge and technological know-how and experience in machinery and control. We will continue developing cutting-edge technologies in order to meet our customer’s high-level requirements.

Bar Steel Rolling

Steel Plantech has a track record of supplying high-quality, high-precision rolling mills of any range. We will continue to provide, in all of the rolling mills required by our customers, state-of-the-art technology of the highest levels at competitive prices.

Flat Rolling

Steel Plantech, based on our advanced technological strength backed by our rich experience, provides plate levelers, cold rolling mills and plate shears equipped with our own innovative and unique technologies, thereby helping our customers realize cost reduction and the production of high quality products.

Surface Processing

Steel Plantech leverages its world-class technological capabilities and proven track record to supply processing equipment that meets customer needs. The reliability of our various processing lines and the high quality of the manufactured products are highly recognized by our customers around the world.