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Best Grade Steel Strips Through the Combination of Rapid Cooling Technology for CALs and CGLs with CSC’s Original Operating Technology

Steel Plantech’s CALs and CGLs fulfill a variety of the technological needs of Japan’s steel industry, and have been implemented for the production of high-quality steel sheets that are used primarily as external panels for automobiles.With the market increasingly oriented towards high-grade steel for higher added-value products, the China Steel Corporation (CSC) of Taiwan adopted Steel Plantech’s CAL and CGL, and has further strengthened its status as one of the world’s leading steelmakers.

Technology that Enables Rapid Cooling of Steel Strips

Rapid cooling technology is particularly important when manufacturing special quality materials, such as high tensile and dual-phase steel strips. With greater focus on the reduction of vehicle weight, these specialty steels, which are strong and light, are being used for automotive outer panels. To enable this, a portion of the cooling facilities utilizes a method in which the hydrogen concentration within the furnace is raised in order to speed up cooling.Steel Plantech is currently handling five of CSC’s lines. This technology was incorporated when revamping lines that had been previously supplied by Steel Plantech.

Customized for CSC’s Original Operational Technology

CSC developed in-house cooling speeds suitable for the respective alloy elements of steel. Steel Plantech customized its CAL and CGL to match the original operational technology or production process to realize the cooling speeds required by CSC, thereby successfully meeting CSC’s quality needs.

Enhancing CSC’s Position as a First-rate Steelmaker

With the adoption of Steel Plantech’s CAL and CGL, CSC was able to make full-scale entry into automotive outer panel manufacturing. It is steadily boosting sales while also cultivating new customers. In particular, CSC can now meet the demanding quality levels of Japanese automobile manufacturers to which they had not delivered products in the past, but from which they are now receiving orders. The beneficial effects are clearly being seen in increased sales as well as improved status as a steelmaker with the orders from Japanese automobile manufacturers. These objectives were achieved through the combination of CSC’s and Steel Plantech’s technological strengths.

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