1. 1 Product Range Expansion
  2. 2 Product Quality Enhancement
  3. 3 Production Volume Increase
  4. 4 Production Cost Reduction
  5. 5 Customization
  6. 6 Environmental Friendliness


Product Range Expansion

We provide facilities that enable the timely manufacture and supply, at appropriate volume and costs, of products that satisfy our customers’ diverse needs. In particular, we can propose facilities that are characterized by their high functionality and superior quality to finish high-class, differentiated and competitive products in various industrial fields.


Product QualityEnhancement

From the manufacturing of pig iron and steel to casting, rolling and process lines, we offer a coherent lineup of facilities that enables facility designs with upstream and downstream processes taken into consideration. We have been supporting the technological development of the Japanese steelmaking industry for about 70 years since the time of the companies that joined hands to establish Steel Plantech. We possess world-class equipment technologies that will meet the needs of our customers for high quality and high yield steel manufacturing.


Production Volume Increase

We have an abundant track record in the delivery of not only new, large-scale, large-capacity facilities but also in renovating equipment to expand the capacity of an existing facility. Furthermore, we can provide optimum layout plans, original technology for continuous manufacturing processes, facilities for enabling fast line speeds, and other proposals to enhance productivity.


Production CostReduction

A reduction of plant operating costs is achieved for upstream processes by such means as increasing the use rate of low-grade raw materials, energy conservation and automation. We take a comprehensive look at equipment prices and operating costs to propose better facilities. For downstream processes, we have various facilities on hand that will increase yields and are simple and easy to operate and maintain.



While responding to the different conditions and needs of individual customers through our experience and excellent personnel, we ensure good communication with our customers to propose optimum facilities for customer’s site space factors, raw materials and energy situation and product quality requirements.


Environmental Friendliness

Our globally top-level environmental and energy-saving technologies have been developed in accordance with Japan’s strict environmental regulations and energy-saving requirements.With these technologies at the core, we consistently respond to our customers, in ways that range from having consultations for achieving energy-efficient steelmaking plants to reducing carbon footprints concurrent with the recovery and reuse of resources and energy, proposing plans to realize environmental improvements, carrying out feasibility studies, procuring funds, and supplying designs for facilities.Our motto is, “For the earth and the future of humankind.”