Corporate Mission and Managing Principles

  1. Corporate Mission & Managing Principles
    The source of our expertise and know-how has been nurtured with our customers over the past half century to reach the highest standard of steel plant engineering technology.
    We will continue to refine this technology, develop state of the art capabilities, and provide “Made of Japan” products and services that will delight our customers and contribute to the development of the world’s steel and nonferrous industries as well as to local communities and to conserve the global environment.

    We are committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing the most advanced products and services for steel plant worldwide with the highest level of technology and professional engineering.

    We pledge to act with sincerity in accordance with society’s highest ethical standards.
    We value people, we value ourselves, we value our society and we value the environment.

Message from the President

Plantech Mind for Customers

SPCO Continues to Provide Technology that Cares for People and Society

NOBUYUKI NADA Nobuyuki Nada President and Representative Director

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

These are the words of Darwin in his book “The Origin of Species”. Today, the world is in the midst of one of the biggest changes in a century. Climate change, carbon neutrality, the digital world and the spread of the coronavirus have increased the demand for a safe and secure society for the future.

We are an engineering company that provides manufacturing plants to the steel and nonferrous metal industry.
Engineering is the science of enriching people’s lives through design and manufacturing. The word “engineering” was approbated along with “industry” in Britain during the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century.
Engineering has used advances in science and technology to create many new things, adapting to a changing society.
And now we are working on developing environmentally-friendly processes and solution technologies using AI, DX and robotics.
Steel Plantech’s strength is our New Engineering, which is the combination of our new Green and Smart technologies and, our core technologies and experience from the past 50 years.

We will continue to provide products, solutions and services that incorporate Green and Smart technologies to the steel, non-ferrous and fabricated materials manufacturing and materials recycling industries.
Our vision of Creating Shared Value (CSV) is to solve problems using our engineering capabilities for a better future, and to work together with our customers on projects aimed at realising a sustainable society.

Our team will continue to work together with one heart and one mind.