Corporate Mission and Managing Principles

  1. Corporate Mission & Managing Principles
    The source of our expertise and know-how has been nurtured with our customers over the past half century to reach the highest standard of steel plant engineering technology.
    We will continue to refine this technology, develop state of the art capabilities, and provide “Made of Japan” products and services that will delight our customers and contribute to the development of the world’s steel and nonferrous industries as well as to local communities and to conserve the global environment.

    We are committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing the most advanced products and services for steel plant worldwide with the highest level of technology and professional engineering.

    We pledge to act with sincerity in accordance with society’s highest ethical standards.
    We value people, we value ourselves, we value our society and we value the environment.

Message from the President

Plantech Mind for Customers

SPCO Continues to Provide Technology that Contributes to People and Society

Keiji Wakahara
President and Representative Director

The SDGs and carbon neutrality are major goals for mankind to be achieved by 2030 and 2050 respectively.

Under the banner of “Green & Smart,” Steel Plantech is committed to contributing to a sustainable society as one team.
We will achieve this by solving our customers’ various issues through the steel-based manufacturing plants and various engineering services we provide.

In addition to the steelmaking engineering technologies we have developed over the years, we will utilize digital technologies such as data science, AI, and IoT, which have made great progress in recent years, and integrate advanced technologies such as robotics, CCUS, hydrogen utilization, and power electronics.
We will also actively incorporate knowledge from other industries.
We will also reconsider and reform our working practices throughout the entire company, including the back office. Such work style reform can be realized by using DX-related technologies.
We will remove boundaries between organizations, break down barriers with outside parties, and work with collaborative partners to rebuild an open engineering chain.
With this attitude, we will take on new challenges.
We will continue to change day by day, responding swiftly to advanced technologies and changes in the social environment.

We believe that “we are not qualified to stay in business unless we are a company that contributes to society, pleases people, and is appreciated by future mankind.”

With this high philosophy, we will work together with our customers toward the realization of a sustainable society.
Each and every one of us at Steel Plantech will do our utmost and move forward as one.

We look forward to your continued support.