Steel Plantech to supply new continuous caster for NISSHIN STEEL

14. Dec, 2012


JP Steel Plantech Co. (hereinafter called as “Steel Plantech”) received an order from Nisshin Steel Corporation for the supply of new one strand slab continuous casting machine of vertical bending type to their Shunan Works, which will be major equipment for their refreshment plan of steel making plant.


The existing continuous casting machine in Shunan Works has been operated over 40 years, so that it needs to be completely renewed to meet several demands of the stainless market.
In this refreshment plan, new continuous casting machine will realize the improvement of Nisshin’s operational conditions:
  • cost reduction for the producing the slabs
  • improvement of products quality
  • high productivity to produce large-size coils by slab size-up
  • increasing the capability of production range even small lot production with various kind of steel grade


Steel Plantech will design, manufacture, supply mechanical & electrical equipment, and execute the installation & commissioning work of the whole continuous casting machine.


After the very severe competition with European plant builders, Steel Plantech finally could receive this order through the many supply records including existing machines in Shunan Works, and the state of the art technology as well as the cost competitiveness achieved by the fruit of cost engineering which we have worked on over years.


We are going to contribute to accomplish this esteemed project successfully along with Nisshin Steel with further reliable relationship to be developing through project execution by utilizing of our technical experience and knowledge. And also we expand sales promotion for new supply and or revamping of continuous casting machine to meet customer’s requirements with strong competitiveness and the state of art technologies from now on.
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