Privacy Policy

JP Steel Plantech Co. recognizes the importance of protecting our customers’ personal information and believes that handling it appropriately is one of our social responsibilities. For this purpose, we have established the following Privacy Policy, and strive to manage personal information in a safe and appropriate manner.

  1. 1. How we use your information

    Personal information collected through this website’s “Contact Us” form is used only as reasonably necessary for our business activities as indicated below, unless the individual providing the information has given prior consent for other use or if disclosure to a third party is required by law.

    • (1) To provide our products and services or information about our products and services
    • (2) To develop our products and services
    • (3) To respond to inquiries regarding our business
    • (4) For other purposes necessary for the operation of our business
  2. 2. Information security

    We strive to implement reasonable security measures to prevent the loss of personal information, as well as the unauthorized disclosure, destruction, and use of personal information.

  3. 3. Disclosure to third parties

    We do not disclose personal information we have collected to third parties without the consent of the individual who provided the information, unless required by law.

  4. 4. Continuous improvement

    We review and revise our structure and management of information in a systematic manner in order to ensure that personal information is protected effectively.

  5. 5. Compliance with laws and regulations

    We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards regarding the protection of personal information.

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