Announcement of Changes in Board of Directors and Reorganization

24. Feb, 2022


Steel Plantech Corporation, a steelmaking plant engineering manufacturer (President: Nobuyuki Nada: head office: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa), will change its directors, officers, and organization effective April 1, 2022.

· Change in directors/officers            Prior position is indicated in [ ]

Representative director

- New appointment (Effective April 1)

Akihiko Yoshizato, Vice President and Representative Director
[Director and Executive Officer]

- Resignation (Effective March 31st)

Hiroshi Hisamori, Outside Advisor (part-time)
[Vice President and Representative Director]


- New appointment (Effective April 1)

Yasuki Mikami, Director   [Executive Officer]

Executive Officers

- New appointment (Effective April 1)

Hiromitsu Kurokawa, Executive Officer    [Trustee]

Kenichi Ueda, Executive Officer    [Trustee]

Hiroshi Goto, Executive Officer    [Trustee]

· Directors and Officers and respective assignments (Effective April 2022)


Nobuyuki Nada, President and Representative Director

Taizo Tsutsui, Vice President and Representative Director
(Assist the President in all aspects of management operations.
In charge of Sales Div., Safety &Health Control Dept, 
India Subsidiary)

Akihiko Yoshizato, Vice President and Representative Director (Newly appointed)
(Assist the President in all aspects of management operations.
In charge of Plant Engineering Div., Project Management Div., Quality Assurance Dept.
Business Operation Manager under the Construction Business Law)

Keiji Wakahara, Director
(In charge of Corporate Planning & Administration Dept.)

Yasuki Mikami, Director (Newly appointed)
(In charge of System Solution Div., Procurement Dept.)

Executive Officer 

Shigeru Oyama, Executive Officer      General Manager of Project Management Div.

Hiromitsu Kurokawa, Executive Officer (Newly appointed)   General Manager of System Solution Div.

Kenichi Ueda, Executive Officer (Newly appointed)  General Manager of Plant Engineering Div.

Hiroshi Goto, Executive Officer (Newly appointed)   Deputy General Manager of Plant Engineering Div. and General Manager of Long Products Rolling Mill Engineering Dept.


Teruo Murata, Corporate Auditor

· Reorganization (Effective April 2022)

■ Integration of Planning and Administration Departments
Purpose: To unify the PDCA functions of business management, and integrate the functions of planning and business management
Business to be administered:
Prior Planning Dept. and prior business of Administration Dept.
* Steel Plantech India Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SPI)
Its business is transferred to the Overseas Business Sect.,Sales Div.

■ New establishment of the Overseas Business Sect.,Sales Div.
Purpose: To conclude and implement contracts of orders overseas, and to enhance risk management in the administration of overseas subsidiaries
Business to be administered:
- Supporting overseas business, including estimation, contracts, and capital recovery (evaluation/confirmation of risks, implementation system, provisions of contracts, collection of bills, and other matters)
- Supporting the management of SPI’s businesses
- Business related to the establishment and withdrawal of overseas subsidiaries

■ New establishment of CN Plant Sect, Plant Engineering Div. (CN: carbon neutrality)
Purpose: To enter into the decarbonizing business field and accelerate decarbonization
Business to be administered:
CN Plant Sect.:
- Development of CN plant facilities for iron making, steelmaking, and limestone furnace equipment
- Engineering of existing products for blast furnace gas cleaning and steelmaking OG processes Converter Group, Steelmaking Engineering Dept.:
- Separation of the converter OG engineering function

■ Reorganization of Electrical & Control System Dept. 2, System Solution Div.
Purpose: To enhance the engineering capabilities of each type of machine and corresponding product power, and divide the Rolling Process Group into the Rolling Group and the Process Group
* The Continuous Casting Group will remain the same
Business to be administered:
Rolling Group:
- Control system engineering of bar steel, shape steel, and plate rolling equipment
Process Group:
- Control system engineering of plate process, recoil, and leveler equipment

· Change in line managers (Effective April 2022)
* New appointment and transfer only 

■ Safety&Health Control Sect.
Akira Kitamura, Office Manager

■ Planning Management Dept.
Shigeru Shiraki, General Manager of Planning and Administration Dept.

■Sales & Marketing Div.
Akihiko Shirakawa, General Manager of Sales & Marketing Dept. 3

Naohiro Matsuo Office Manager of Overseas Business Sect.

■ Procurement Dept.
Akihiko Ikumi, General Manager of Procurement Dept. 

■ Project Div.
Kazuhiko Miyazaki, General Manager of Project Planning and Administration Dept.

■ Plant Engineering Div.
Kenichi Ueda, General Manager of Plant Engineering Div.

Horoshi Goto, Deputy General Manager

Yoshifumi Abe, General Manager of  Iron Making Engineering Dept.

Yasuhiro Sato, General Manager of Steelmaking Engineering Dept.

Kengo Sakuma, Office Manager of CN Plant Sect.

■ System Solution Div.

Hiromitsu Kurokawa, General Manager of System Solution Div.

Takahito Matsuo, General Manager of  Electrical & Control System Dept. 1

Naoyoshi Miwa, General Manager of Electrical & Control System Dept. 2

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