Establishment of Steel Plantech Shanghai Co. to support manufacturing and procurement in China

14. Apr, 2023


In April 2023, Steel Plantech established a wholly-owned subsidiary called Steel Plantech Shanghai Co. in Shanghai, China.

China is not only a market where we receive orders for products and deliver them, but also is an important region for us where we manufacture and procure products.

To date, we have outsourced manufacturing and procurement operations to associated companies. However, in order to meet our customers’ increasingly demanding requirements, we now need to inform our manufacturing and procurement companies of our requests and design concepts more quickly and accurately. By setting up our own business site, we will be able to increase support we provide from Japan and improve the communication between us and these companies further, which will help improve the quality of manufactured products and enable smooth procurement work.

As our sales business base in China, this company will in the future support our receiving orders for projects and implementing them

Corporate Outline
Company name: ⽇鋼聯(上海)設備⼯程有限公司
Company name (English): Steel Plantech Shanghai Co
Location: Modern Plaza Room 2703, Xian Xia Road, Chang-Ning Area, Shanghai, China
Capital: 2,500,000 yuan
Representative: Kazuhi Maeda/President
Number of employees: 6

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