Cold Mill (TCM,CRM)

Steel Plantech proposes a cutting-edge tandem cold mill (4Hi/6Hi) according to the customer’s needs. We can also provide total engineering, including auxiliary equipment such as utility facilities, inspection lines and roll shops.

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10. Nov, 2020
All-in-one Acid Regeneration Plant SARA Now Available in Japan – Bringing the Latest European Technology to Japan


Product Quality Improvement

The adoption of the SPEOS™ (Superior Profile with Edge Oriented Shifting) technology developed by Steel Plantech, realizes rolling technology that can both control a strip crown and improve edge drop. Furthermore, optimum, stable concentration control will be possible at the pickling line by utilizing the acid concentration control system. 


We have provided not only the conventional 4-Hi and 6-Hi mills which are produced based on our rich experience, but also state-of-the-art mills including Zoom-Mill™ and SPEOS™, which Steel Plantech has originally developed by making use of new technologies.

We will suggest the optimal type of rolling mills as well as their layout.

  1. 1Continuous pickling and cold rolling line that is sequentially connected with the pickling line 
  2. 24-Hi reversible rolling mills that produce high-quality products while cutting down the cost 
  3. 36-Hi reversible rolling mills that are suitable for the rolling of thin materials of various types
  4. 4Combination mills that have a skin pass function too
  5. 5Zoom-Mill™ and reverse rolling mill that have high productivity


Supply Records

Supplied To Country Applicable equipment Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan 6-Hi CRM 2014
  • China Steel Sumikin Vietnam Joint Stock Company Vietnam 6Hi PL-TCM 2013
  • Aisha Steel Pakistan 4-Hi CRSM 2012
  • CSC Steel Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 4-Hi CRM 2007

Technical Information

SPEOS™ Crown

A technology for achieving an optimum strip crown and reducing edge drop was developed by shifting the work roll given a special curve. This technology is being used in cold rolling mills (CRM) as well as tandem cold mills (TCM) and contributing to the higher quality of products and improved yield in the sheet width direction.

  1. A single roll crown has a wide crown range, from broad to narrow.
  2. When the roll shifts to the crown position in accordance with the strip width, the gap expanding transitional zone (GETZ) is automatically set around the strip edges, reducing edge drop.
  3. In other words, a single pair of work rolls can control both crown and edge drop.