Plate Shear

Steel Plantech offers shears that can shear all types of steel, regardless of plate type, thickness, or width, including high-tensile steel plates.


Production Volume Increase / Product Range Expansion

Each of Steel Plantech’s shear devices, including crop shear, double-side shear, slitting shear, and end shear, contributes to the productivity increase of a plate shear line.

  1. 1Available for plates with a thickness of up to 50 mm, width of up to 5,500 m, and material tensile strength of up to 1,200 MPa
  2. 2Easy, safe and quick exchange of shear knives by use of automated exchange equipment
  3. 3Low-maintenance design realizing effective maintenance cycle and shortening working time
  4. 4Suggesting efficient and optimal layout of plate shears

Product Quality Enhancement

Steel Plantech’s plate shears are devices with high performance. They incorporate a design that aims to achieve the optimal quality of shear plane and they have been created with production technologies based on our rich experience.

  1. 1Mitigating shear deformation, rollover and slip mark on shear plane by adopting optimal rolling cut motion
  2. 2Realizing consistent and fine shear plane quality with the use of high-precision knife gap adjustment equipment
  3. 3Providing plate shears with sufficient stiffness, which are designed based on reliable analysis simulation models


Supply Records

Supplied To Country Applicable equipment Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal / Oita Works Japan double side shear 2009
  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal / Oita Works Japan end shear 2009
  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal / Kimitsu Works Japan end shear 2008

Technical Information

Double-side shear

A new double-sided shear has been developed by Steel Plantech in order to realize a simpler assembly process and easier maintenance.
We have also reduced the size of its structure compared with the conventional triple-shaft, triple-crank-type product, and hence it can meet the need to renew a shear in a seasonal plate shear line.