Affiliated Companies


  • Steel Plantech India Pvt. Ltd. (SPI)

    SPI was established in order to enable the smooth provision of our products in India, which is showing remarkable growth. Furthermore, for our customers outside of India, the company provides designs at competitive prices by utilizing talented Indian engineers.

    Infinity Benchmark Building, 14th Floor,
    Unit: 1403, Block-EP & GP, Sector-V,
    Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091, India

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  • Steel Plantech Shanghai Co.

    China is not only a market where we receive orders and deliver products, but also an important region for manufacturing and procurement. By communicating our requests and design concepts more speedily and accurately, we can improve the quality of manufactured products and realize smooth procurement operations.

    Room 2703, Building No1, No.369, Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai

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    Steel Plantech Shanghai