Contributing to The Environment

Focusing on extensive CO2 reduction and energy savings

Steel Plantech has accumulated the world’s top-level environmental and energy-saving technologies. We are contributing to steel mills world wide by
proposing solutions and supplying facilities for energy-saving, waste energyrecovery, CO2 reductionandenvironmental protection.




Support for the World’s Steel Mills in Saving Energy and Reducing CO2

Steel Plantech supports the world’s steel mills’ energy savings and CO2 reduction efforts with the following services:

  • [1] Examination of environmental and energy-saving situation for plants and proposal of solutions
  • [2] Support for steel mills in their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions
    • 1.Introduction and proposal of proper energy-saving measures
    • 2.Formulation, feasibility studies and execution of a series of procedure for Japan’s Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
    • 3.Consulting on verification and monitoring of CO2 reduction after project implementation

* CDM: Clean Development Mechanism, JI:Joint Implementation * PDD: Project Design Document