JP Steel Plantech Co. prepares platform to accelerate the development of AI and IoT technologies and ~Commence educational program of AI for employees~

14. Jun, 2019


JP Steel Plantech Co. (SPCO) aims to improve the development environment for SPCO’s SMART PRODUCTS “S-Series” lineup those are to be highly functional equipment with the concept of enhancing value-added “Products” and “Services” of existing equipment using AI and IoT technologies.
As part of improving the development environment within SPCO a Data Analytics Platform was introduced and started its operation in May.

This Platform enables the use of AI and big data analysis without the need for advanced programming and analysis expertise. It is open to company employees as a system that can be used by any employee on a cloud basis, to accelerate the development of “SMART PRODUCTS”.

Nowadays the manufacturing technology reforms are influenced by the digital information and communication technology development day by day.
Considering such situation SPCO has already established this April, “SMART PRODUCTS” Development Department to accelerate the concept of enhancing value-added “Products” and “Services” of existing equipment using AI and IoT technologies. This introduction of Data Analytics Platform is the second step.

Furthermore, in order to increase the speed of development, SPCO will also focus on education programs for the staffs in the area of AI and IoT technologies. In May, SPCO invited a specialist in the IoT field as a lecturer and started the “Data Science Course”. In this course, in addition to lectures, we will cultivate data scientists with hands-on experience.

In the future, SPCO’s equipment for electric arc furnaces, continuous casting, rolling mills, process equipment, and process lines, we will use AI / Big data analysis and image applications to improve quality and operations and use robots to save labor and secure safety. SPCO also aim to provide operational support services by process data analysis.

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