Notice of Company-Wide Switchover to Telework for our Employees

15. Jan, 2021


In response to the requirements announced by the Japanese Government to minimize the outbreak of COVID-19, JP Steel Plantech Co., Ltd will contribute by switching over to company-wide Telework for our employees in following manner:

Company-Wide Telework Period: From January 18, 2021 to February 7, 2020 *
Note*: Regarding the period, extension may be considered depending on the overall situation of COVID-19 and the requirements of the Governments.

Communication during the Telework Period:
For the above period, please note that we cannot respond to the company main representative telephone number and our company department telephone number.

Inquiries during the period:
●Inquiries about our products
 → Email address (
   Mobile phone of our members in charge

●Inquiries on other matters
 → Our HP (

Please note that it may take some time to respond to your inquiries during the company-wide Telework Period. We ask for your patience and understanding during this hard time.

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