Message from the President concerning the COVID-19

8. Apr, 2020


In response to the Japanese Government’s declaration of state of emergency and the request from the local governments concerning COVID-19, JP Steel Plantech Co., Ltd. has started Telework from today till May 6 at the Yokohama Head Office and Kansai Office. Currently, there are no symptoms of COVID-19 occurring within our employees. However, there are suspension of business at our overseas vendor companies and restriction on overseas travels are affecting product inspection and production supervising activities.

However, this is an event of one company, if we look in worldwide aspect the breakdown of medical system which is threatening our life, the death toll of over 80,000 people, damages to the society and the business activity are occurring,  At this moment, the spread of COVID-19 is in the form of a pandemic, similar to the Spanish flu epidemic that occurred 100 years ago, and we can only hope for an successful early suppression of this disease.

Recently, the word “Resilience”, is now often quoted in ecology, medicine, engineering, and human resource development activity. The term “Resilience” implies “the ability of a system to absorb disturbances and retain its basic functions and structures”, “elasticity status adapting to changing environment and achieving goals while changing their appearance”. “not only rapidly recovering its functionality similar to the level of pre-event, but a property to promote a dynamic process of development and growth” (from Tetsuya Kono, “Phenomenology of Boundary”).

Looking back at history, every time a great disaster has occurred, humanity has gathered their wisdom and overcame such situation. The humanity has shown its “Resilience”. I am convinced that the calamities of this COVID-19 can be terminated with minimal impact, leading us back to the world of growth and prosperity.

What JP Steel Plantech can do now is to take action to protect the health of the employees, their families and their lives. We apologize for the inconvenience those may occur to our customers and partner companies. Your understanding is much appreciated

We value people, we value ourselves, we value our society and we value the environment. —From PLANTECH WAY

April 8, 2020

JP Steel Plantech Co., Ltd.
Nobuyuki Nada, President

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