To resolve labor shortage issues, Spco-ROBO CoilPACKMAN to be put on the market—Robots to pack coils

6. Nov, 2023


 —The work of packaging coils to be done by robots—
 JP Steel Plantech Co., a steelmaking plant engineering manufacturer (head office in Yokohama, Japan; President and CEO, Representative Director: Keiji Wakahara) has completed the development of Spco-ROBO CoilPACKMAN (*), the world’s first robot (according to our own research) that packs cold-rolled coils with paper.
 This robot will be launched in the market in November 2023, and our aim is to receive orders by the end of the first half of fiscal 2024.

 Currently, packing cold-rolled coils with paper is mainly done manually. However, whether companies will be able to secure sufficient labor force in the future is a big issue.
 Although these processes are being partly automated, many pieces of equipment are adapted to the line production method, which requires large areas, initial investment costs, and maintenance costs.

 Spco-ROBO CoilPACKMAN solves all of these problems at once.
The paper folding and taping processes are fully automated, eliminating manual labor and significantly reducing labor costs.
 In addition, since the packing system can be formed to be compact by arranging multiple robots efficiently, the equipment installation area is 30% of the conventional area, reducing restrictions to buildings and also equipment and construction costs.

 During the development period of three years, from conception until completion, we pursued packaging technology that would protect the quality of the coils.
 In order to smoothly reproduce the paper folding work, which involves complex motions handling cylindrical forms, we developed a program that controls packing paper to prevent wrinkles. Regarding the taping work, various factors including the tape cutting method and the tape applying angle are adjusted so that the tape may adhere to the specified place securely.
 Currently, this robot can deal with cold-rolled coils with an outer diameter of up to 1,800 mm and various types of packing paper.

 Going forward, we will carry out sales promotion activities for domestic customers who require advanced packaging technology and labor savings in coil packaging.

 Under the banner of “Green & Smart” (“Green”: technological innovation to promote decarbonization; “Smart”: making products smart using the latest technology), Steel Plantech continues to provide technologies respectful to people, society, and the environment by developing and supplying products and services incorporating the latest technologies.

(*): Smart Products S-Series Spco-ROBO CoilPACKMAN
Spco-ROBO CoilPACKMAN is a product from the Smart Products S-Series that is being developed in response to customer needs, such as: ensuring factory safety and achieving labor-savings using robots; improving operation and product quality by using images, AI, and big-data analyses; and providing operational support service based on process analysis. We aim to centrally integrate operations rooms, which used to be installed at each plant, and make systems smarter, by methods such as remote operation and one-man operation. 

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