Continuous Slab Caster

This is a facility for casting molten steel into semi-finished products(slabs) by continuously cooling, solidifying molten steel – which was melted and ingredients adjusted in a blast furnace, electric arc furnace, direct reduction furnace, etc. – and cutting them into given lengths. The casted semi-finished products are then transported to the next process at the rolling facility. The casted semi-finished products can be in various sizes. Those with a thickness of between 120mm-600mm and a width of 700mm or more are called slabs. Final products from slabs include thin plates, thick plates and pipes.

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30. Aug, 2022
Spco-CLOUD DX to Realize Optimum Digital Operation-First Step is Visualization of Plant Operation


  • High-Quality Slabs

Product Quality Improvement

Steel Plantech’s continuous slab caster enhances product quality dramatically through various functions. 

  1. 1Originally developed mold level control system, which suppresses molten steel level fluctuation
  2. 2Electro-hydraulic oscillator, which makes non-sinuous vibration that reduces friction within the mold possible
  3. 3Dynamic secondary cooling system, which realized the optimum thermal profile
  4. 4Dynamic soft reduction system, which suppresses center segregation, and
  5. 5Decrease of internal and surface strain of slab through an optimum design of roll profiles.
  • 3.0 m/min

    high-speed casting

Production Cost Reduction / Production Volume Increase

Cost reductions can be realized through adoption of a Steel Plantech continuous slab caster.

  1. 1High-speed, stable casting at speeds of over 3.0m/minute allows production of 200,000 tons or more per month per strand, significantly reducing the number of strands
  2. 2A break-out prediction device (learning type) prevents break outs
  3. 3The dynamic secondary cooling system and stepless spray-width control system minimizes unsteady portions
  4. 4A shape increase in operating rate by high durability and advanced maintainability of each equipment


  • 10 Cases

    Vertical bending machine remodeling

  • 600 mm

    Extra-thick casting capable

Responding to customer’s requirements, we contribute to a superior positioning of customers’ products, e.g.;

  1. 1Revamping work to vertical bending caster in shorter shut down period based on a detailed and careful plan.
  2. 2Optimum and minimum period renovation planning and on schedule start-up of the machine according to plant facilities’ conditions.
  3. 3Heavy plate vertical continuous caster that expands the range of heavy plate production by casting.
  4. 4Dual-use twin/triple-caster machines that make it possible to cast slabs in various sizes.


Supplied To Country Capacity
  • Asia・Oceania
  • All major Japanese blast furnace users (e.g. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, JFE Steel, Kobe Steel and Nisshin Steel) Japan
  • Various Japanese electric arc furnace users (e.g. Chubu Steel Plate, Tokyo Steel and Nakayama Steel Works) Japan
  • Baoshan Iron & Steel China
  • POSCO (Pohang and Gwangyang) and Hanbo Steel Company South Korea
  • China Steel (CSC) Taiwan
  • North America
  • US Steel, National Steel, Inland Steel & LTV (now Arcerol Mittal Steel) and others U.S.A.
  • STELCO and Dofasco Canada
  • Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas Mexico
  • South America
  • Usminas and CST Brazil
  • CAP Chile
  • Europe・Middle East
  • NISIC (now Khouzestan Steel) Iran
  • Eredemir Turkey

Technical Information

Dynamic Secondary Cooling System (SP-DSSC) and Stepless Spray Width Control System

Through a dynamic control model original to Steel Plantech, this system automatically controls the amount of spray in the secondary cooling zone after the mold, according to the optimum thermal pattern for the steel grade and the operating conditions, such as casting speed.
The secondary cooling spray nozzle, which is installed in each segment, has a hydraulic width adjuster. In addition to conventional fixed spray nozzle cutoff valve type cooling system, we also offer a mobile spray nozzle type for which continuous adjustments to the spray width can be carried out according to size or steel grade.

SP-Dynamic Soft Reduction System (SP-DSR): Continuous Slab Caster

Soft reduction is one of methods to prevent the center segregation of continuous cast slabs during solidification by secondary cooling.
Steel Plantech proposes its SP-Dynamic Soft Reduction System (SP-DSR), which can always achieve the optimum soft reduction.
The final solidification position and internal temperature required for soft reduction are continually calculated online by the SP-Dynamic Secondary Cooling System during casting according to changes in operation conditions, such as molten steel temperature, components, casting speed and amount of cooling water.
The SP-DSR system uses the information to calculate the segment roll intervals for the best reduction pattern and sends out movement directives based on the calculations.