Spco-CLOUD DX to Realize Optimum Digital Operation-First Step is Visualization of Plant Operation

30. Aug, 2022

「Spco-CLOUD DX」のスキームと導入メリット(HP)

Steel Plantech is developing an operation support system called “Spco-CLOUD DX” for the fields of electric furnaces, continuous casting, and rolling for electric furnace manufacturers.

Spco-CLOUD DX is part of the Smart Products “S-Series.”

Currently, many electric furnace manufacturers are conducting independent operation management by plant or by equipment. This support system uses data to achieve optimum operation.

First, by collecting and linking the operation data of each piece of equipment, this system digitizes the information for optimum operation and visualizes the plant operation. The data is controlled in a cloud environment using a high-security VPN network and certified dedicated terminals. The data can be checked at any place as long as a browsing environment is available, so it is possible to remotely operate it, respond to troubles, and update the data.

Next, these pieces of information are analyzed. By applying the engineering knowledge we have nurtured as an equipment supplier, this system can perform consistent and highly efficient operation management from the upstream to the downstream processes.

By accumulating data further, we will also visualize the tacit knowledge of experienced operators to promote technology transfer, and make the operation more efficient by improving productivity and reducing unit consumption as well.

With the goal of achieving one-man operation, we plan to begin step-by-step implementation starting in FY2023.

Under the banner of “Green & Smart” (green: technological innovation to promote decarbonization, smart: making products smart using the latest technology), Steel Plantech continues to provide technologies that contribute to people, society, and environment by developing and supplying products and services incorporating the latest technologies.

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Moreover, we can suggest and provide a package solution by supplying integrated lines of electric arc furnaces, continuous casting facility and rolling mills.

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Steel Plantech’s electric furnaces for steelmaking are core products succeeded from JFE Engineering (formerly NKK).
Its abundant experience as a steelmaker (or in other words, a user) in addition to technical know-how gleaned from experience in the design and engineering of electric furnaces for steelmaking, accumulated since 1968, enabled the provision not only of electric arc furnaces and auxiliary equipment, but also a wide range of metallurgical and operational technology.

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