Annealing and Coating
Line (ACL)

The Annealing and Coating Line (ACL) produces magnetic steel sheets and strips to make electrical equipment with high efficiency, compactness, high precision, and high reliability.
Steel Plantech’s ACL adopts a horizontal pass system for the high temperature annealing of thin sheets under low tension (heat treatment for removing internal strain and giving the materials superior electromagnetic properties).

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16. Jun, 2022
Announcement of New Officers


Product Quality Enhancement

The ACL can be used for annealing temperatures of over 1,000℃ as needed according to variety. It will stabilize quality at a high level through state-of-the-art furnace control and high-precision tension control. What is more, it also offers quality assurance devices such as an online magnetic property measurement, coating thickness meter, sheet thickness meter, sheet width meter, and surface defect meter.

Production Volume Increase

Highly efficient production would be achieved because the coating, baking, and cooling equipment are incorporated into the line. Furthermore, productivity can be enhanced through accurate tension control and stable operation of the line.


Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • China Steel India India 200,000T/Y 2014 (Scheduled startup)
  • China Steel Sumikin Vietnam (CSVC) Vietnam 200,000T/Y 2013
  • China Steel (CSC) Taiwan 120,000T/Y (No.1) 2003

Technical Information

Heating Control

Optimal placement of burners and electric heaters as well as zone load control are realized to allow heating and soaking at annealing temperatures of over 1,000℃.

Cooling Facilities

The optimal cooling sequences have been achieved through the combination of a Brick Zone, Cooling Tube Zone, Slow Jet Cooling Zone and Fast Jet Cooling Zone, which allows slow cooling and rapid cooling to be finely controlled.