Sinter Plant – Water-Sealed Circular Cooler

A sinter plant takes fine ore and other materials, and fuses them together to produce sintered ore for use in blast furnaces. Roughly speaking, a sinter plant can be divided into four parts: raw material mixing system, sinter machine, sinter cooler and sinter screening system. This is a water-sealed cooler, which improves upon conventional rubber air seal type coolers.


Production Cost Reduction

  • 5 % or less

    leakage rate

  • 30 % reduction

    in cooling fan power consumption

The adoption of a water seal has enabled a significant decrease in air leakage.
This has reduced the amount of air required for cooling to two-thirds of a conventional system, thereby making it possible to keep running costs low.

Environmental Friendliness

The air chamber is built into the trough, significantly reducing dust generation, and making it possible to maintain a clean environment.


since 1996 3 sets

Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • China Steel (CSC) Taiwan 315㎡ 2009
  • Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL) India 315㎡ 1998
  • China Steel (CSC) Taiwan 315㎡ 1996

Technical Information

Characteristics of the new-type water-seal cooling

Water-seal cooling type performance comparison