JP Steel Plantech donates 5,000 masks to Yokohama Rosai Hospital ~supplied by 10 Chinese partner companies~

24. Apr, 2020

マスク寄贈シーン(左:横浜労災病院三上副医院長 右:当社稗田人事総務室長)

On April 23rd 2020 JP Steel Plantech Co., Ltd. donated 5,000 masks to support Yokohama Rosai Hospital’s medical activities against outbreaks of COVID-19.
The donated masks are medical masks (1000 N95 masks, 4000 surgical masks) provided by the kindness of our 10 Chinese partner companies who we have business with.
We will continue to provide new relief supplies from these Chinese partner companies as they arrive.

<Comments from Mr.Yoji Mikami , Deputy Director, Yokohama Rosai Hospital>
We would like to thank JP Steel Plantech for your kind donation.
The shortage of medical materials is in critical situation and this donation is truly a welcome relief for us.
Our staffs will continue their utmost effort to take care of patients those are suffering by COVID-19 and also, other patients who needs medical care.

We heard that Yokohama Rosai Hospital is struggling to secure the supply of masks in this difficult time. 
We decided to donate the masks as we thought it would be best to use them for people working on the medical front lines. 
We have been able to support medical professionals fighting against COVID-19 by the bonds we have built with so many of our Chinese partners. 
We are grateful for the kindness of our friends in China and will continue our support to medical activities in the future.

※The explanation of photo
Left: Mr. Mikami , Deputy Director, Yokohama Rosai Hospital
Right: Hieda, General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Dept, JP Steel Plantech Co., Ltd.

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