Color Coating Line (CCL)

This is a pre-coating line that forms coats through advance application and baking of coating materials onto strips produced by Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL; to enhance corrosion resistance) and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL; to improve properties, such as strength and elongation). It is an add-on for visual aspects of strips, such as color and gloss, as well as for protective elements, such as weather and corrosion resistance.

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21. Apr, 2021
Promoting Electrification of Steelmaking Plant Equipment – Facilitating Maintenance by Abolishing Hydraulic Power and Accelerating Digitalization


Product Quality Enhancement

It is possible to produce high-quality pre-coated steel sheets through highly precise coating thickness control gauge backed by large number of delivery  records.


since 2000 6 sets

Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • Furukawa-Sky Aluminum (Thailand) Thailand CCL 2013
  • Sheng Yu Steel China 100,000T/Y (No.2 CCL) 2013
  • Sheng Yu Steel China 100,000T/Y (No.1 CCL) 2013
  • Yieh Phui (China) China 150,000T/Y (No.2 CCL) 2006
  • Yieh Phui (China) China 150,000T/Y (No.1 CCL) 2005
  • Yieh Phui Taiwan 120,000T/Y (No.3 CCL) 2000

Technical Information

Pre-coated Steel Sheets

The manufacturing of double-coated, double-baked pre-coated steel sheets with good weather resistance, primarily used in construction and home appliances, is possible.
An in-line tension leveler can also be installed to manufacture straightened steel sheets.