Promoting Electrification of Steelmaking Plant Equipment – Facilitating Maintenance by Abolishing Hydraulic Power and Accelerating Digitalization

21. Apr, 2021


With “Green & Smart” as a keyword, Steel Plantech is promoting technological innovation to achieve decarbonation (green innovation) and the utilization of DX, AI, and robotics (smart technology). We have started electric power driven design, which changes the driving force of actuators and power trains in steelmaking plant equipment from hydraulic drive to electric power, and started the development of E-Power Drive products to expand our business area from constructing new plants to upgrading existing equipment.

This electrification aims to decrease malfunctions of hydraulic equipment in steel mills and facilitate the recovery procedure when a failure occurs. Hydraulic power equipment requires skilled maintenance technicians for the daily management of hydraulic oil and the investigation of malfunction causes. However, the number of such technicians is decreasing in the industry, and the ratio of young unskilled ones is increasing.

For electrification, we will employ servo-motor drive, light servo drive combining universal motors, inverters, and sensors, as well as single actuators or compact hydraulic units that drive powertrains for some parts, to make proposals that meet customers’ needs and match their workplace situations. As additional benefits, they can also reduce the risk of hydraulic oil leakage and the energy consumption of constantly operating hydraulic pumps.

Although hydraulic equipment is widely used, it is difficult to monitor for predictive diagnosis. Through electrification, we will combine equipment monitoring systems using various digital signals with our smart products to construct cyber science networks, which will enable the use of AI to achieve automation and error prediction. We will construct smart factories with fully automated plant operation, optimum production control, and product quality improvement in the future.

We will first commercialize products with great demand from customers, such as steel bar rolling lines, cold rolled coil reel peripheral equipment, steel sheet levelers, and blast furnace gas cleaning systems (RSW), and then expand step by step

Related Products

Plate Leveler

The SuPerLeveler™ was developed by JP Steel Plantech in 1998 as equipment to improve the flatness of steel plates (6 mm to 50 mm thick) produced in plate mills. Warping generated in the leveler (surface preparation materials to increase horizontal precision) during correction is also completely corrected through infinity control of rigidity. This has made it possible to flatten TMCP steel plates, hardened steel plates, and other steel plates that require straightening reaction, and which did not become stable using conventional levelers.

Annealing and Coating
Line (ACL)

The Annealing and Coating Line (ACL) produces magnetic steel sheets and strips to make electrical equipment with high efficiency, compactness, high precision, and high reliability.
Steel Plantech’s ACL adopts a horizontal pass system for the high temperature annealing of thin sheets under low tension (heat treatment for removing internal strain and giving the materials superior electromagnetic properties).

Color Coating Line (CCL)

This is a pre-coating line that forms coats through advance application and baking of coating materials onto strips produced by Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL; to enhance corrosion resistance) and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL; to improve properties, such as strength and elongation). It is an add-on for visual aspects of strips, such as color and gloss, as well as for protective elements, such as weather and corrosion resistance.

Bar and Wire Rod Mill

Steel Plantech provides the Bar and Wire Rod Rolling System that meet variety of customer needs.
For example, we provide solutions that meet customer needs such as the Slit Rolling System and the High Speed Mill (40m/s) which increase productivity, the Hot Direct Rolling System which is directly connected with a continuous caster, not via a reheating furnace, and thereby greatly reduces the energy consumption, the Water Quenching System which helps in enhancing the strength of bars, and Endless Bar Rolling System (EBROS™) which significantly boosts yield.
Moreover, we can suggest and provide a package solution by supplying integrated lines of electric arc furnaces, continuous casting facility and rolling mills.

Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning System
(RSW – Ring Slit Washer)

The Ring Slit Washer (RSW) wet gas scrubber is used widely with various dust collection devices, including its use for cleaning the gas emitted by blast and converter furnaces.

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