Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)

The purpose of the Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) is to apply a coat of zinc onto the surface of steel sheets in an effort to increase their corrosion resistance. There is a wide range of control of zinc coat thickness, and the galvanized steel sheets are used for a broad range of purposes, including construction materials, automobiles and electrical appliances. Steel Plantech’s CGLs possess unsurpassed functions that are highly evaluated by customers around the world.

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21. Apr, 2021
Promoting Electrification of Steelmaking Plant Equipment – Facilitating Maintenance by Abolishing Hydraulic Power and Accelerating Digitalization


Product Quality Improvement

High-quality galvanized steel strips for use in automobiles can be produced through the use of air knife and highly precise zinc coating weight gauge. That quality is attested to by our track record of supply to many customers around the world.

Product Range Expansion

  1. 1Single-pot/double-pot layout
  2. 2Hot-dip galvanized steel stips (GI) and alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel strips (GA) variations
  3. 3High-tensile strength products for use in automobiles through rapid gas jet cooling
  4. 4A lineup of GF and GL production facilities for construction materials
  5. 5Incorporation of an in-line coater

Production Volume Increase

High speed stable operation allows for greater productivity enhancement as compared to conventional products.

  1. 1Optimum setup of roll crowns
  2. 2Layout of optimum steering rolls
  3. 3Optimum control of tensile forces


since 1955 51 sets

Supply Records

Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • JSW Steel India 2013
  • China Steel (CSC) Taiwan 400,000 T/Y (No.3 CGL), GA/GI 2011
  • JFE Steel / West Japan Wokrs (Fukuyama Area) Japan 600,000T/Y (No.4 CGL), GA/GI 2007
  • Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet (GJSS) China 400,000 T/Y (No.1 CGL), GA/GI 2006
  • SINO China 250,000 T/Y (No.2 CGL), GI/GF/GL 2006
  • BluseScope Steel China China 250,000 T/Y (CGL), GI/GL 2005
  • SINO China 250,000 T/Y (No.1 CGL), GI/GF/GL 2005
  • North America
  • US Steel GLW USA 500,000 T/Y (No.1 CGL), GI/GA 2000
  • DJ Galvanizing Canada 400,000 T/Y (CGL), GA/GI 1993
  • Africa
  • Mabati Kenya 80,000 T/Y (CGL), GI/GL 2000

Technical Information

Rapid Cooling Technology

  1. Rapid gas-jet cooling
  2. Uniform strip temperature through a unique gas-jet nozzle shape
  3. Strip temperature controlled through the adjustment of the air volume in the strip’s width direction
  4. Cooling capacity raised through a high concentration of hydrogen

Control of Zinc Coating Amounts

  1. Highly-functional galvanizing facility
  2. Capable of thin zinc-coating products
  3. Non-contact baffle plate control