Ecological and Economical Arc Furnace (ECOARC™)

ECOARC™, the ecological and economical arc furnace developed independently by Steel Plantech, is filled with innovative technology. It comes with advanced scrap preheating technology that eliminates the white smoke and foul odors generated when melting scrap metal, and addresses environmental requirements of the future. Furthermore, it is equipped with melting technology that achieves higher productivity than conventional electric arc furnaces.

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26. Jan, 2024
JP Steel Plantech Co. receives order for the eco-friendly high-efficiency arc furnace ECOARC-light™ for the Osaka Unit Sakai Works of Osaka Steel Co., Ltd.


Production Cost Reduction

  • 100 kWh/t

    Reduction of power consumption

  • 1.5 %

    Improvement of metal yield

  • 1.0 kg/t

    A unit consumption of electrode of about

Installation of the ECOARC™ can be realized an early recovery of the investment costs, and an increase in revenues. Although, the installation of the preheating system would increase initial costs in the short term, however, it will provide high investment returns, and customers will be able to enjoy high investment returns by dramatic decrease of production costs, and increase in high revenue.
You would feel the benefits of this investment immediately after installation through the phenomenal performance exhibited by the ECOARC™.

※The Graph shows Investment-Profit line of 100 million ton / year plant

Customer commentsUMC Metals Ltd., Thailand (2012) Mr. Schroer, Plant Manager
“We are producing reinforcing steel bars to be used in a high-rise building. ECOARC™ is a strong weapon to become one of the most competitive producers in Thailand from the viewpoint of production cost. We hope to increase of greater domestic shares in a future.”

Environmental Friendliness

  • 30 %

    reduction of greenhouse gasses

  • 0.1 ng-TEQ/m3N

    Dioxin emission of not more than

  • 40 %

    reduction of dust emissions

Installation of the ECOARC™ will dramatically reduce the environmental impact.

  1. 1Reduction of greenhouse gasses
  2. 2Dioxin emission of not more than 0.1ng-TEQ/㎥N
  3. 340% reduction of dust emissions
  4. 415dB reduction of noise under operation
  5. 540% reduction of flicker levels
  6. 6Elimination of white smoke and foul odor generated during scrap preheating


Existing facilities can be reused when install the ECOARC™ system, it will contribute significantly to the initial investment cost reduction.

  1. 1Can reuse the existing building
  2. 2Can reuse the existing power supply facilities
  3. 3Can reuse the existing foundation
  4. 4Can reuse the existing water treatment facilities
  5. 5Can reuse the other existing auxiliary equipment


since 2001 6 sets

Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • Topy Industries / Toyohashi Works Japan 200t 2014
  • UMC Metals Thailand 70t 2012
  • Dongkuk Steel / Incheon Works South Korea 120t 2010
  • JFE Bars & Shapes / Sendai Works Japan 130t 2008
  • JFE Bars & Shapes / Himeji Works Japan 140t 2005
  • Kishiwada Steel Japan 70t 2001

Technical Information

High-efficiency Melting Technology

Preheating scraps with high-temperature exhaust gas is possible because the preheating shaft and melting chamber are directly and rigidly connected, so the scraps are continually present, from the steel to preheating areas.

This enables high-temperature preheating of the scraps, resulting in a significant reduction of power consumption.

The melting chamber is sealed off from outside air, to prevent the excess air inlet. it prevent over oxidation of scrap under high temperature preheating.

As the ECOARC™ keeps always flat bath operation, electrode consumption is significantly improved.
Furthermore, the electric facilities necessary to meet power quality regulation can be drastically reduced on it may not even unnecessary depending on required regulation.


The decomposition and decomposition of dioxins are reduced through an exhaust gas combustion chamber and rapid quench chamber in the exhaust gas duct system, which realizes dioxin emissions of not more than 0.1ng-TEQ/㎥. Not only dioxins but also a volatile material that causes foul odors and white smoke will be decomposed and the dispersal of them are also prevented.

The furnace prevents diluting of exhaust gasses. Therefore, the CO within the exhaust gas can be used as fuel, reducing the amount of fuel gas consumed.

Flat bath operation dramatically reduces noise during operation. The reduction of power consumption also contributes to the reduction of emission of greenhouse gasses during power generation.