Roller Straightener

This is a facility for straightening any bending of rolled products.


  • Reduction of the percentage of straightening defects

Product Quality Enhancement

In the past, roller straighteners with single sided-support  were the mainstream. However, because of the growth in the size of the products, Steel Plantech provides roller straighteners with double-sided support  in order to suppress the effect of axial tilting, which is a weakness of roller straighteners with single-sided support. A variable pitch roller straightener has been adopted in order to reduce the amount of un-straightened sides during the lengthwise straightening of products.We also have a track record in the installation of roll width variable mechanisms, and in the case of shaped steel, we can handle up to H1100.

  • by about

    Shortening of roll exchange times

Production Cost Reduction

Adoption of the en-bloc roll exchange method enables simplification of roll exchange operations. Additionally, the shortening of roll exchange time improves productivity. Furthermore, use of variable width rolls will contribute to the lowering of production costs.


49 units (Shape mill roller straighteners: 22 variable pitch units and 27 fixed pitch units)

Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • Hyundai Steel / Pohang Works South Korea 850-1200 2008
  • JFE Steel / West Japan Wokrs (Fukuyama Area) Japan V1350 2003
  • JFE Steel / West Japan Wokrs (Kurashiki Area) Japan (double-sided support, variable pitch, variable width roll) 1500-2800 1996
  • Dongkuk Steel / Pohang Works South Korea 950-1500 1995
  • Tokyo Steel / Kyushu Works Japan 1200-2200 1984
  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal / Kashima Works Japan 1200-2200 1975

Technical Information

Types of Roller Correction Machine

Combinations of the following can be selected according to needs.

  1. 1Single-sided/Double-sided support
  2. 2Fixed pitch/Variable pitch
  3. 3Variable roll width
  4. 4Hydraulic rolling/mechanical rolling