JP Steel Plantech Co. will participate in Minerals Metals Metallurgy and Materials 2012

28. Aug, 2012


JP Steel Plantech Co. will participate in Minerals Metals Metallurgy and Materials 2012 (MMMM 2012).


Association : International Trade and Exhibitions India Private Limited
Date : 27-30 September 2012
Place : Pragati Maidan fair ground (New Delhi / India)
Date : 27-30 September 2012
Booth No : 1047


We are scheduled to make technical presentations of our state-of-the-art technologies (BOF-KR Hot Metal Desulfurization System, Zoom-Mill™, etc.,) at our booth during the exhibition.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.


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KR Hot Metal Desulfurization System

Demand for high purity steel is becoming stronger as quality demands for steel become higher. This is especially true for sulfur content, and there is now a need to make strict adjustments to the amount contained in the manufactured steel. This process of removing impurities from molten metal in advance before charging it into a converter furnace is called hot metal preliminary processing.
The KR Hot Metal Desulfurization System developed by Steel Plantech will achieve high-level desulfurization efficiency as well as contribute to a reduction of operating costs.


A steel manufacturing plant centered on converter systems is Steel Plantech’s core product, and more than 130 units have been delivered to date since 1960. In addition to providing equipment that constitutes a steel manufacturing plant, including KR hot metal desulfurization systems, converter systems, exhaust treatment systems (OG) and secondary refining systems (RH/LF), Steel Plantech can coordinate the whole plant. Our OG system is rated highly for its high level of safety, low environmental burden, and energy saving effects.


Steel Plantech can propose cold rolling mills (CRM) or state-of-the-art tandem cold mills (TCM) according to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the ZOOM (zero oriented off-gauge minimization) function developed by Steel Plantech can be added to improve yield ratios and reduce production costs as compared to conventional CRMs.

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