JP Steel Plantech Co. receives order from Steel Authority of India Limited to renew a converter

15. Jan, 2024


In December 2023, JP Steel Plantech Co. (“SPCO”), a steelmaking plant engineering manufacturer (head office in Yokohama, Japan; President and CEO, Representative Director: Keiji Wakahara), received an order to renew a converter for the Bhilai Steel Plant in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh from Steel Authority of India Limited (“SAIL”), an Indian state-run steel company. The project is scheduled for completion by mid-2026.

This project is a joint project by a consortium of SPCO, Steel Plantech India Pvt. Ltd. (head office in Kolkata, India; “SPI”), our Indian subsidiary, and MECON Limited, an Indian state-run engineering company, aiming to renew aging structures and improve the surrounding environment.
SPCO and SPI will design, manufacture, and deliver three 130-ton converters and their furnace chambers and serve as the project supervisor, while MECON will manufacture and deliver dust collectors, remove existing equipment, and perform civil engineering and installation work.

SPCO has supplied over 130 converter systems worldwide. Our simple-structure converters, which employ our unique two-point support method*, have been highly rated by users because they are maintenance-free and not affected by the thermal expansion and time-related deformation of the furnace body. The converter systems of this project, which will employ this structure and renewed peripheral equipment, will be ideal converter systems in the carbon-free era.

Under the banner of “Green & Smart” (“Green”: technological innovation to promote decarbonization; “Smart”: making products smart using the latest technology), SPCO has provided technologies respectful to people and the environment by developing and supplying products and services incorporating the latest technologies. We will make an effort to increase our presence in the Indian market, where the steel market is growing, by securing more orders.

* Our unique two-point support method:
Method of supporting the furnace body at two points over the trunnion shafts on both sides of the converter

Kolkata, West Bengal

Supplying SPCO’s technologies and products to India and its neighboring countries and designing products in cooperation with SPCO

(Number of employees)
About 50 employees

Ceremonial photo with the representatives of SAIL after signing the contract
Shinichiro Sakai, SPI President
Yoshihiko Adachi, General Manager of Overseas Sales and Marketing Dept. of SPCO

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A steel manufacturing plant centered on converter systems is Steel Plantech’s core product, and more than 130 units have been delivered to date since 1960. In addition to providing equipment that constitutes a steel manufacturing plant, including KR hot metal desulfurization systems, converter systems, exhaust treatment systems (OG) and secondary refining systems (RH/LF), Steel Plantech can coordinate the whole plant. Our OG system is rated highly for its high level of safety, low environmental burden, and energy saving effects.

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