Received the order from China Steel Corporation India Private Limited, who is invested by Taiwan/China Steel Corporation

10. Aug, 2012


We are pleased to announce that JP Steel Plantech Co., having its Head Office in Yokohama/Japan (hereinafter called as “Steel Plantech”) has received a huge order from China Steel Corporation India Private Limited (CSCI, Head Office: India), which is established as the first and significant investment for the production line of electrical steel coils in India by China Steel Corporation (Head Office: Kaohsiung, Taiwan), for supply of Annealing and Coating Line (ACL).

This production line will play an important role of CSC’s overseas strategy, in which CSC has intention to grasp the opportunity of high growth of demand in India for electrical steels, as well as to enter into the markets of Middle East, Europe and North Africa via India.

Steel Plantech will deign, manufacture and deliver mechanical and electrical equipments for No.1 ACL. The facilities are scheduled to start its operation in 2014.

Among the severe competition with other plant builders, the order was given to Steel Plantech as a result of CSCI’s evaluation for Steel Plantech’s state-of-the-art technology, as well as reliability due to many experiences of these kinds of facilities.

Especially, in these several years Steel Plantech has supplied many kinds of processing lines to CSC Group and has established close relationship with them.
Steel Plantech will continue to take the chances for investment by CSC Group in overseas than Taiwan, too.

【Main Scope of Supply】
・Annealing and Coating Line (Annual Production: 200,000 ton/year) x 1 set


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Annealing and Coating
Line (ACL)

The Annealing and Coating Line (ACL) produces magnetic steel sheets and strips to make electrical equipment with high efficiency, compactness, high precision, and high reliability.
Steel Plantech’s ACL adopts a horizontal pass system for the high temperature annealing of thin sheets under low tension (heat treatment for removing internal strain and giving the materials superior electromagnetic properties).

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