Renewal of the Cooling Bed Run-in Facility at Hokuetsu Metal’s Nagaoka Steel Rolling Plant with a Short Construction and Delivery Time – Responding to Demands for Thick Steel and Quality Improvement of Thin Steel

8. Sep, 2020


JP Steel Plantech Co. , a steelmaking plant engineering manufacturer (President: Nobuyuki Nada: head office: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa), delivered a cooling bed run-in facility to Hokuetsu Metal’s Nagaoka Steel Rolling Plant in September 2020.

Hokuetsu Metal is aiming to expand its range of product sizes, improve quality, and reduce cost in order to meet the recent demand for steel materials in a wide range of market. The company wanted to expand the production lines at Nagaoka Steel Rolling Plant, and we received the order for this facility in August 2019. The renewal target is an approx. 125-m cooling bed run-in facility dedicated to steel rods and bars. We installed a new feeding pinch roller and renewed the run-in trough and braking pinch rollers. This enables the production of D41 deformed steel bars and will improve the quality of thin plain round bars.

There were difficulties, such as obtaining information on the existing facility beforehand because the facility was delivered by another company. However, in order to complete the construction in approx. two weeks in summer and achieve a short delivery term of one year from receiving the order, we worked out construction procedures that ensure high quality and efficiency such as: (1) using reliable, proven pieces of equipment we had experience with, (2) conducting product inspection by remote work to ensure efficient manufacture even during the COVID-19 crisis, and (3) implementing measures to prevent not only COVID-19 infection but also heat stroke. 

○ Visual: Scene of operation (upper image)/Renewed braking pinch roller (lower image)

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