Launch of High-Efficiency Electric Arc Furnace with Horizontal Charging, ECOARC-FIT™ – Expanding ECOARC™ Product Lineup in Response to Requirements and Restrictions

8. Apr, 2021


With “Green & Smart” as a keyword, Steel Plantech is promoting technological innovation to achieve decarbonation (green innovation) and the utilization of DX, AI, and robotics (smart technology).

People are paying more attention to electric furnaces in a bid to achieve carbon neutrality, so we have expanded the product lineup of our eco-friendly high-efficiency arc furnace ECOARC™ in response to customers’ needs and plant layout restrictions. Up until now, only vertical preheaters have been available to preheat scraps for greater energy efficiency, but we will launch the ECOARC-FIT™, equipped with a horizontal preheater. FIT stands for “flexible and integrated thermal recovery system,” making it an energy-saving furnace with higher versatility to address various restrictions. ECOARC-FIT™ is expected to reduce unit power consumption of 30 to 80 kWh per ton of steel output, compared to several kWh in the case of conventional  electric furnaces with horizontal preheaters.

We offer three products in the series (refer to the description below) together with the original ECOARC™ and ECOARC Light™, which reuses existing electric furnaces, to meet customers’ needs. In the future, we will promote the series to domestic blast furnace mill users and domestic electric furnace mini mill users, as well as to overseas customers (mainly in China) to expand the sales of the ECOARC™ series.

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