Chubu Steel Plate Co., Ltd. to Install the First Unit of ECOARC-FIT™, the Latest Model of the Eco-Friendly High-Efficiency Electric Arc Furnace ECOARC™ Series

7. Oct, 2021


Chubu Steel Plate Co., Ltd. (President: Kumio Shigematsu; head office: Nagoya-shi, Aichi) decided to install the first unit of ECOARC-FIT™, the eco-friendly high-efficiency electric arc furnace that we developed this April. We held a press conference on October 6, 2021, with the two Presidents of both companies in attendance.

Chubu Steel Plate Co., Ltd. stated “contribution to realizing a recycling-based society” as one of its basic policies in its medium-term business plan that started this fiscal year. The company had been studying the construction of an eco-friendly electric furnace that is in harmony with the urban environment where its mill is located.

ECOARC-FIT™ improves the versatility of existing electric furnaces through modifications, while maintaining the performance of ECOARC™, which boasts the world’s top-class effect of reducing unit power consumption. Chubu Steel Plate decided to install the ECOARC-FIT™ furnace for its excellent energy-saving performance, response capability to environments, and improved productivity. We will deliver the system to start its operation in the autumn of 2023.

The ECOARC™ series was adopted as an advanced equipment/system by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy under the Subsidies for the Support Program to Promote Investments in Advanced Energy Conservation in May 2021. With decarbonization activities accelerating all over the world and the demand for electric furnaces expected to grow, we will contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by increasing the sales of the ECOARC™ series.

* Visual: Mr. Shigematsu, President of Chubu Steel Plate (right) and Mr. Nada, President of Steel Plantech (left) at the press conference

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