Affiliated Companies


  • Steel Plantech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    China boasts an overwhelming share of the world’s steelmaking plant capacity. Steel Plantech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in order to enable the smooth provision of our products in China .

    Shanghai Strength Plaza 11C-D, No.3600 Tianshan Road, Shanghai, P.R.C.

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  • Steel Plantech Engineering India

    Private Limited (SPEI)

    SPEI was established in order to enable the smooth provision of our products in India, which is showing remarkable growth. Furthermore, for our customers outside of India, the company provides designs at competitive prices by utilizing talented Indian engineers.

    Eco Space Business Park, 6th Floor B-Block, Premises No.Ⅱ F/11 Action Area-Ⅱ, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata-700 156 West Bengal, India

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  • Partner Company in India

    Hari Machines Ltd. (HML)

    HML, a joint investor in Steel Plantech Engineering India, is a machinery equipment manufacturer. It is part of the Dalmia Group, a leading Indian conglomerate. Among other businesses, HML is involved in the manufacture of machinery and equipment related to steelmaking, mining , boilers, cement, etc.

    In order to reinforce its relationship, Steel Plantech invests in HML and utilizes HML’s steelmaking machinery manufacturing plant in order to provide customers with economically-priced, high quality manufactured goods as well as provides various maintenance services.

    Please see for details on HML.