Corporate Mission and Managing Principles

Our mission and management principles are, first, to combine the state-of-the-art steel engineering capabilities, which we have nurtured over the years, with plant technologies to innovate new technologies. Second, to provide a diversity of values to customers through our technologies and contribute to the development of the global steel industry, regional communities and preservation of the earth’s environment.

  1. 1. Best Partner

    We will produce the best outcomes and achieve satisfaction together with the customer—our best partner.

  2. 2. Challenge

    We will respect the wisdom and power for facing up to difficulties and continually rise to these challenges so that we may demonstrate our utmost capabilities.

  3. 3. Global

    We will unfold our business globally drawing on the foundation of creativity that is enabled by the fusion of our human resources and various technologies.

Message from the President

Plantech Mind for Customers

CEO Nada

Nobuyuki Nada

With over half a century of steel industry experience derived from our consolidating companies, JP Steel Plantech Co. was established in 2001, integrating and developing member’s technologies thanks to our close relationships with customers.

Since then, owing to intensive support by customers, we have been growing steadily, contributing to the development of the global steel industry with our world-class competence in steel plant engineering and technology.

Due to the globalizing transformation of world steel manufacturing into a borderless industry, the market demands have been changing accordingly into more diversified features targeting higher value-added products and environmentally-friendly plants.

Conforming to this new era, we have been aligning with such market demands in a timely manner by creating and providing advanced technology, quality products and professional services.

From now on, we are committed to striving to provide leading edge technologies to fulfill any customers’ requirements, based on our spirit of ”always putting the customer first”. We call it, “The Plantech Mind”, which has been created with our customers from the establishment of our company.

Officers 2017

Norio Ao Director
Keizo Abe Director
Koichiro Kubota Director
Taizo Tsutsui Vice President
Shosaku Umezawa Vice President
Nobuyuki Nada President