Corporate Mission and Managing Principles

Our mission and management principles are, first, to combine the state-of-the-art steel engineering capabilities, which we have nurtured over the years, with plant technologies to innovate new technologies. Second, to provide a diversity of values to customers through our technologies and contribute to the development of the global steel industry, regional communities and preservation of the earth’s environment.

  1. 1. Best Partner

    We will produce the best outcomes and achieve satisfaction together with the customer—our best partner.

  2. 2. Challenge

    We will respect the wisdom and power for facing up to difficulties and continually rise to these challenges so that we may demonstrate our utmost capabilities.

  3. 3. Global

    We will unfold our business globally drawing on the foundation of creativity that is enabled by the fusion of our human resources and various technologies.

Message from the President

For the customer President Iwao Hanzawa

Ever since our establishment in 2001, JP Steel Plantech Co. (Steel Plantech) has been achieving growth with your support. Our guiding principle throughout has been to contribute to the development of the global steelmaking industry through a combination of state-of-the-art steel engineering and plant technologies.

Today, as major changes resulting from borderlessness and globalization take place in the global steelmaking industry, Steel Plantech has been responding by establishing bases in China and India and tying alliances with local partners. We are also further focusing on the provision of “total” engineering services—from the planning of facilities to the provision of after-sales services—so as to increase the convenience of our customers.

With the solid technological capabilities, nurtured by Steel Plantech over the years alongside the development of the Japanese steelmaking industry, we will continue to provide going forward, secure and reliable technology and services that will meet the variegated needs of our customers. We will commit ourselves to the development of the global steelmaking industry, with “For our customers” as our motto.

Iwao Hanzawa President