Technical Service

Trust built by people and technologies and ties with customers

Steel Plantech offers through its Technical Service Section diverse services including after-sales service and pre-sales service. This enables customers to maintain their plants and equipment at the highest level and use them safely and securely.

Technical Service Section

In order to enable customers to use Steel Plantech’s plants and equipment safely and
securely, we offer after-sales service for delivered plants and equipment in a prompt and responsible
manner. We also offer pre-sales service for a range of products. We supply to customers upto-date and sophisticated plants and equipment through collaboration among all relevant operational units of the company including units for sale, planning and special projects.

  • Furnace shell revamping workFurnace shell revamping work
  • Lime shaft kiln refractory reconstructionLime shaft kiln refractory reconstruction
  • Overhaul of rolling mill reduction gearsOverhaul of rolling mill reduction gears
  • Renewal of segments for round beam blank casting plantRenewal of segments for round beam blank casting plant
  • Renewal of tension reel head of ETLRenewal of tension reel head of ETL