Continuous Annealing Line (CAL)

This line facility changes the crystal structure of steel sheet by heat treatment, and improves properties such as hardness, strength, and elongation. It integrates the 5 processes of cleaning, cooling, heating, temper rolling, and refining, and carries them out in a single line, thus saving space and lowering costs. Steel Plantech’s CAL for high-quality cold-rolled sheet for industries around the world including the automobile and household appliance industries.

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21. Apr, 2021
Promoting Electrification of Steelmaking Plant Equipment – Facilitating Maintenance by Abolishing Hydraulic Power and Accelerating Digitalization


Product Quality Improvement

High-quality cold-rolled sheet for automobiles can be produced because of systems for integrated tracking control , uniform temperature profile (heating/cooling) in the width direction and accurate measurement of strip temperature by a multi-reflection type pyrometer.

For this reason, we have a track record of delivering our line to many customers around the world.

Product Range Expansion

Three kinds of cooling processes are adopted: rapid gas-jet cooling, roll quenching and water quenching. This makes it possible to produce a wide range of cold-rolled sheet, from common sheet to deep drawing cold-rolled sheet and ultra-high-tensile strength sheet.

Production Volume Increase

Adoption of high-speed continuous annealing technology improves productivity.


since 1971 37 sets

Supply Records

Supplied To Country Capacity Start Up
  • Asia・Oceania
  • JSW Steel India 900,000 T/Y (No.1 CAL) 2013
  • China Steel (CSC) Taiwan 1,100,000 T/Y (No.3 CAL) 2011
  • Benxi China 930,000 T/Y (No.1 CAL) 2006
  • Eregli Turkey 275,000T/Y (Tin CAL) 2003
  • Baoshan Iron & Steel China 760,000 T/Y (No.3 CAL) 2000

Technical Information

Rapid Cooling System

Rapid gas-jet cooling
Uniform strip temperature through an unique gas-jet nozzle shape
Strip temperature controlled through the adjustment of the gas jet velocity in the strip’s width direction
Cooling capacity raised through a high concentration of hydrogen

Roll quenching
Rapid quenching through a water-cooled roll
Uniform strip temperature through an auxiliary gas-jet nozzle
Reduction of operating costs

Water quenching
Makes the manufacturing of ultra-high strength steel for automobiles possible by ultra-rapid quenching