JP Steel Plantech Co. receives order from Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. for 2 (two) units of “ECOARC™”

22. Feb, 2019


JP Steel Plantech Co. signed a contract with Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. (Benxi Steel), headquarter in Liaoning Province, China for 2 (two) units of ecological and economical electric arc furnaces “ECOARC™”

In China, interest in electric arc furnace is increasing in terms of environmental issues and reducing CO2 emissions. Benxi Steel will be able to meet such requirement by introducing this SPCO’s new electric arc furnace “ECOARC™” which is environmentally friendly and also providing production efficiency.

As it was selecting equipment for a state-owned company, it became an international tender by three companies in Japan and Europe. A third-party organization that evaluates and supervises the tender has appreciated SPCO’s (1) highly-efficient scrap preheating technology of “ECOARC™” and reduction of graphite electrodes consumption, (2) its environmental advantage due to its sealed structure and (3) its several number of operational facilities and its stable operation track record.

At the signing ceremony with Benxi Steel on February 19th, the Benxi Steel Group Corporation’s (Benxi Steel’s parent company) Vice President Mr. Guiyu Zhang , expressed his appreciation of the evaluation of the technological advantage and good track record “ECOARC™”. At the same time, he quoted the Chinese Confucian philosopher Master Meng’s words, “No amount of luck triumphs over geographical advantage. No amount of geographical advantage triumphs over human harmony” and expressed his expectation by saying “I want to make the project a success with the human harmony”.

In addition, members of The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) also participated in the signing ceremony, congratulated the parties by saying, “The integration of operation technology and production know-how of Benxi Steel and advanced equipment technology of SPCO will lead to the success of the project. let us make it as a model project in the Chinese steel industry”.

In response to these congratulatory messages, Mr. Nada the President of SPCO responded by saying “Together with our customers Benxi Steel and CSM and our consortium partner China National Heavy Metal Corporation (CHMC) we will bring together Japan-China engineering power and operational technology to the success of the first project and we will continue to deliver more “ECOARC™” to contribute to the development of the Chinese steel industry.”

Benxi Steel, the user of this project, has a long history since its establishment in 1905, and is constantly innovating and introducing advanced technologies to conserve energy and reduce emissions. It is a core company in the Chinese steel industry covering more than 60 products and more than 7500 products such as wire rods, reinforcing bars, pipe steel, special steels, hot rolled steel sheets, cold rolled steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets of carbon steel and  stainless steel. In 2006, we delivered a continuous annealing line (CAL) for automotive steel sheets.

To date, we have delivered a total of seven ECOARC™ equipment in Japan and overseas. SPCO will continue to meet the needs of customers and society through the supply of such unique technology equipment and the development of advanced technologies, as well as contribute to the development of the global steel industry and local communities, and the preservation of the global environment.

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