Project 03

Installation of the Environmentally Friendly Electric Furnace ECOARC™ for a 30% Reduction of Electric Power Consumption

ECOARC™, with its scrap preheating shaft, is an environmentally-friendly, highly energy-efficient electric arc furnace. ECOARC™ was chosen by the steelmaker UMC Metals, whose core products are steel bars, as their main weapon to reinforce their cost competitiveness.

Preheating Technology that Reduces Power Consumption and Saves Costs

ECOARC™, which utilizes technology original to, recovers high-temperature off-gas that is generated during the steel melting process. The recovered heat is used to preheat scraps and to melt scrap using relatively little energy. ECOARC™ lowers electric power consumption and saves costs. Moreover, it reduces CO2 emission.

Issues Unique to Thailand Also Overcome

Scrap found in Thailand is lower bulk density than which found in Japan because it is thinner, longer and wider. So, scrap handling could be difficult in Thailand but we achieved smooth commissioning and operation by taking advantage of the experience in 4th ECOARC™. Furthermore, as a result of repeated meetings with idea between UMC Metals staff and Steel Plantech supervisor, the length of the shutdown for installation was minimized.

To be More Competitive Manufacturer

With the installation of the ECOARC™ system, UMC Metals was able to reduce production costs and achieve growth into an even more competitive manufacturer in Thailand. Furthermore, UMC Metals was able to be one of the first to respond to environmental issues in Thailand, where fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity.

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