Analysis of Molten Metal Surface Level Using Live Cameras – New Installation of Spco-MOLD VIEW for Casting Stabilization and Fully Automated Monitoring

18. Jan, 2022


We delivered the first unit of Spco-MOLD VIEW of Smart Products “S-Series” to a domestic electric arc furnace steelmaker. This system analyzes the conditions of the molten metal flow and the surface of molten metal in real time using the images inside the mold during continuous casting, allowing high-precision detection of molten metal surface.

Usually, the molten metal surface level in a continuous billet casting machine is detected with thermocouples inside the mold. However, detection errors often occur due to the adhesion of molten metal to the wall surface, so visual monitoring is essential as backup.
Spco-MOLD VIEW uses live cameras to digitize molten metal surface levels and capture them accurately, even in cases where the conventional method fails to do so.

The data and images digitized by Spco-MOLD VIEW are collected in our data collection system, Spco-CLOUD. The data is used for AI learning and data analysis to improve alert issuance standards and digitization logic. In the future, this high-precision data will be used to control molten metal surface levels or for other purposes to stabilize casting processes and achieve fully automated monitoring.

Under the banner of “Green & Smart,” Steel Plantech is promoting technological innovation to achieve decarbonation (green innovation) and the utilization of DX, AI, and robotics (smart technology). In order to help make customers’ businesses smarter, we will continue to use smart technology to expand the product lineup of the S-Series, which raises the added value of existing products.

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