JP Steel Plantech Co. make presentation of its “ECOARC™” at “2019 2nd China Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Steelmaking Science Development Forum” held in Beijing, China

19. Jun, 2019


JP Steel Plantech Co. (SPCO) made technical presentation of its ecological and highly efficient and economical arc furnace “ECOARC ™” at the ” 2019 2nd China EAF Steelmaking Science Development Forum” held in Beijing, China, on May 24 and 25, 2019 by the The Chinese Society for Metals, which SPCO has Business Agreement.

In the first half of the Forum, following the announcement by the executives of the National Development and Reform Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a key speech was given by Mr. Ruiyu Yin, professor of the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, for smooth transition from the blast furnace to EAF is to be made to raise the ratio of steel produced by EAF.

Furthermore, discussions were held on how to proceed with EAF investment in an orderly manner. More than 500 people, including steel makers from all over China and overseas EAF manufacturers, including SPCO, attended the forum, showing high interest to EAF steelmaking during the industrial structural reform in the Chinese steel industry. 

SPCO introduced equipment technologies and operational results related to “ECOARC™”, explaining ecological and economic advantages. The SPCO’s high-efficiency scrap preheating technology, contribute to minimize environmental impacts and at the same time save the electricity and reduce the consumption of graphite electrodes received great interest from the audience. In addition, SPCO introduced a case where an EAF is used for process for waste disposal treatment in Japan, and proposed the concept of “urban steelmaking facilities” for the coexistence of steel industry with the local communities to contribute to creating the greener society.

SPCO has delivered 7 units of “ECOARC™” in Japan and overseas so far. In addition No.1 and2 ECOARC in Benxi Iron & Steel (Group)Co., Ltd., China will start operations in 2020.

SPCO is committed to continue to meet the requirements of customers and society through the supply of such unique technology equipment and the development of advanced technologies, to contribute to the development of the global steel industry and local communities, and the preservation of the global environment.

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