Announcement of Asia Steel International Conference 2012

27. Aug, 2012


We will provide the presentation of our technical paper in Asia Steel International Conference 2012.

Organized by : The Chinese Society for Metals
Date : 24-26 September, 2012
Place : Beijing International Convention Center (Beijing / China)
Presentation Schedule : Wed., 26 September, 2012, AM

Presenter and theme

Presentation 1 : 26 September, 9:00 – 9:25
Technology & Engineering Division No.1,
Iron making Energy Recovery Plant Dept.,
OG Group
Takeshi Umetsubo (Mr.) / Engineer
Theme : “Trend of dust collecting facilities for OG system”
Presentation 2 : 26 September, 10:40 – 11:00
Technology & Engineering Division No.2,
Rolling Mill Dept,
Processing Equipment Group
Toru Aoyama (Mr.) / Chief Engineer
Theme : “ The Latest Technology of the Heavy Plate leveler”

If you have an opportunity, please attend the presentations of our state-of-the-art technology.

Related Products

Plate Leveler

The SuPerLeveler™ was developed by JP Steel Plantech in 1998 as equipment to improve the flatness of steel plates (6 mm to 50 mm thick) produced in plate mills. Warping generated in the leveler (surface preparation materials to increase horizontal precision) during correction is also completely corrected through infinity control of rigidity. This has made it possible to flatten TMCP steel plates, hardened steel plates, and other steel plates that require straightening reaction, and which did not become stable using conventional levelers.

OG System

The OG system (Oxygen Converter Gas Recovery System) is suppressed type LD gas recovery system for the converters of steel makings shops. The OG system was jointly developed and improved by both Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC/ now NSSC) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (KHI), in Japan. In 2004, steel plant division of KHI was transferred to JP Steel Plantech, Co (SPCO).
Therefore, SPCO and NSC have developed the technologies and own the patents of the OG system. Until now, totally 192 OG systems have been installed in all over the world, thus the name of “OG” is widely admitted not only as the safest process for recovering LD gas with high efficiency but also as a synonym of the best solution for energy saving and environmental control.

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