Start of commercial operations of tension leveler for super high tension steel sheet at ArcelorMittal, Liege

11. Mar, 2015

Assembled at the factory
JP Steel Plantech Co. has announced the starting of commercial operations of an in-line tension leveler for a continuous annealing line to produce super high strength steel sheet for automotives for ArcelorMittal, at its Liege Steel Works in Belgium.
Automobile industries are promoting the reduction of vehicle weight to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel consumption. ArcelorMittal is also promoting technological development in order to meet the growth of demand for super high strength steel sheet. ArcelorMittal’s critical issue is to insure sheet flatness while increasing the tensile strength of the steel sheet. Up to now, they had been searching for a total solution.
Although, it had still been believed to be impossible to achieve appropriate flatness of super high tension steel sheet, JP Steel Plantech Co. proposed to apply special tension leveler technology. After experiments backed up by its experience and know-how, JP Steel Plantech Co. proposed the world’s highest tension leveling capacity (980kN as the tension) and received the order for the first facility from ArcelorMittal. Installation work was completed last summer and commercial operations started from October 2014. Now, commercial operations are successfully under way.
In light of the world-first success of this advanced project for a European customer JP Steel Plantech Co. is accelerating business development in this field of levelers and aggressively expanding their sales activities to steel mills all over the world which produce high quality steel sheet.

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Tension levelers level and improve the flatness of materials such as hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and specialized materials, and finish them into a final product. The range of the materials that can be used for leveling are those with a thickness of between 0.05mm-8.0mm, a width of between 300m-2,300mm and a yield strength of between 50MPa-1,500MPa. Tests of various materials using original testing equipment have been carried out on Steel Plantech’s tension levelers since 1970. Theories have been constructed, tested, and supply of tension levelers made, with this repeated many times over the years. 194 sets have been supplied around the world, practically making Steel Plantech a specialist in tension levelers.

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