JP Steel Plantech Co. will exhibit in 2015 METEC

2. Mar, 2015

JP Steel Plantech In METEC2015

JP Steel Plantech Co. will exhibit in 2015 METEC.
We look forward to seeing you at the seminar sessions and our booth.

June 16th 2015 to June 20th 2015
Messe Düsseldorf, Germany  (Google Map)

1. Technical Presentation

No. Paper Title
1 18 June, 14:00- Track A – Session 37
Advanced technology and application of large-scale CDQ
2 16 June, 16:40- Track G – Session 9
The most advanced power saving technology in EAF. Introduction to ECOARC™
3 17 June, 1:20- Track K – Session 11
New PL-TCM (Pickling and Tandem Cold Strip Mill) in Vietnam
4 17 June, 9:00- Track K – Session 9
New Rolling Method of Reversing Cold Rolling Mill
5 16 June, 4:40- Track L – Session 3
Progressing technology of roller leveler for high strength steel plate
6 16 June, 4:40- Track J – Session 1
Development of Tension Leveler for Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)
*Please check details [here. (PDF)]

2. Exhibiting a booth

Booth No.:
Hall 3 / C34

Related Products

Plate Leveler

The SuPerLeveler™ was developed by JP Steel Plantech in 1998 as equipment to improve the flatness of steel plates (6 mm to 50 mm thick) produced in plate mills. Warping generated in the leveler (surface preparation materials to increase horizontal precision) during correction is also completely corrected through infinity control of rigidity. This has made it possible to flatten TMCP steel plates, hardened steel plates, and other steel plates that require straightening reaction, and which did not become stable using conventional levelers.

Tension Leveler

Tension levelers level and improve the flatness of materials such as hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and specialized materials, and finish them into a final product. The range of the materials that can be used for leveling are those with a thickness of between 0.05mm-8.0mm, a width of between 300m-2,300mm and a yield strength of between 50MPa-1,500MPa. Tests of various materials using original testing equipment have been carried out on Steel Plantech’s tension levelers since 1970. Theories have been constructed, tested, and supply of tension levelers made, with this repeated many times over the years. 194 sets have been supplied around the world, practically making Steel Plantech a specialist in tension levelers.

Cold Mill (TCM,CRM)

Steel Plantech proposes a cutting-edge tandem cold mill (4Hi/6Hi) according to the customer’s needs. We can also provide total engineering, including auxiliary equipment such as utility facilities, inspection lines and roll shops.

Ecological and Economical Arc Furnace (ECOARC™)

ECOARC™, the ecological and economical arc furnace developed independently by Steel Plantech, is filled with innovative technology. It comes with advanced scrap preheating technology that eliminates the white smoke and foul odors generated when melting scrap metal, and addresses environmental requirements of the future. Furthermore, it is equipped with melting technology that achieves higher productivity than conventional electric arc furnaces.

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